Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a MOMS Club?
     MOMS Club International is a non-profit organization that consists of moms offering moms support.

2. Who can join a MOMS Club?
    Stay at home mothers who reside within the club boundaries may join. Our club boundaries are: Clarksville, Cooksville,
    Columbia (villages of Harpers Choice, Hickory Ridge, River Hill and Wild Lake), Brookeville, Dayton, Fulton,            
    Glenelg, Glenwood, Highland, Lisbon and Woodbine.

3. What does the MOMS Club offer?
    We offer monthly socials; weekly activities; playgroups; cooking, book and health and fitness clubs; babysitting co-op;    
    and our ever popular MOMS Night Out (the only event that non nursing children are excluded).

4. Are the monthly socials kid friendly?
    Absolutely! The socials are held in a safe and secure environment where your child (ren) can play, have a snack and    
    make a craft while you are able to chat with other moms.

5. How long are the socials?
    The social are held monthly and are scheduled to last 1.5 hours. However our socials are not structured so you may
    come and go as you please.

6. Do you only meet once a month?
    Our socials are held monthly.

7. How do I join?
    Send an email to to speak with our Membership VP.

8. How much are the dues?
    Our dues are $25 year. Your renewal months will be the month in which you initially joined.